Changing Firms? Why Coldwell Banker Legacy?

Changing Firms

Our agents have access to an array of resources, services, tools, staff and programs, all of which support their efforts to manage more Listings and Sales!

• 100% of our office generated leads go to our Agents.
How many $$$$$ do you spend on things like……….?
•       Sunday Open House Advert $$$$
•       Placement of your listings on Suddenlink $$$$
•       A Contact Management System $$$$
•       A professional CMA program for all types of presentations $$$$
•       Black/white and Color Copies $$$$
•       Your personal agent Website with MLS feed  $$$$
How much time do you spend doing the following? “Time is money!”
•       Entering your listings into Navica?
•       Preparing and sending web listing performance reports to Sellers.
•       Troubleshooting listing flow issues?
•       Building flyers
•       Preparing a Midland area market report?
•       Creating presentations?
Coldwell Banker offers support that has long been recognized as the finest in the Real Estate industry. Don't just take our word for this; ask our agents how they feel and read the agent testimonials below. The Success of your career, is based on your business decisions, which should be based only on facts!
Agent Testimonials:
“Coldwell Banker is a great place to be a part of. The environment is very supportive and the training is superior to anything else in the market place. Coldwell Banker Legacy has directly positively impacted my success as an agent and the culture at the office is outstanding. We work hard, play hard and have fun.” – Max Puello
What sets Coldwell Banker apart?
•       Superior training, from the national organization and local company.
•       Powerful national franchise; which give us the benefit of branding and advertising which drives people to our office.
•       Tools which makes our jobs easier and more productive
So what does all of this mean for you as a real estate practitioner? It means that you will have a better opportunity to prosper at Coldwell Banker Legacy
Please don’t rely on “what you have heard or been told”, get your information first hand. 
Call Farniza on her direct line to schedule a confidential appointment:  432-688-3757
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