The Fastest Road to Yes

The Fastest Road to Yes

The Fastest Road to Yes

Whether up or down, fast or slow, there are "tricks" you can use to make a home sell in any type of market. Following these actions should help produce results, particularly in down or slow conditions.

First, make your home a "best buy" by having your real estate representative perform a thorough analysis of listings and recent sales in your neighborhood. Position your home right in the middle of an attractive price range (buyers look in broad ranges, so be sure you are noticed).

Before your final pricing decision, determine the level of pressure you're under to sell within a given time frame. Must sell in six weeks? Then adjust your price about ten percent lower than the comparables.

Generating interest but no offers yet? Continue reducing your price until you've reached your deadline, or get creative with seller financing. If you can accept monthly payments, you'll increase the pool of prospective buyers.

Offer your home in exceptional condition, and have detailed information available to buyers, who won't respect vague answers to questions of utility costs, tax bills, etc. You DON'T have to be specific, however, when asked why you're selling. "I have an excellent opportunity elsewhere" will suffice.

Finally, when that first offer comes, do everything possible to accept it. Holding out for a better offer may backfire, so be prepared to say, "Yes!"

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