Up on the Downsize

Up on the Downsize

Up on the Downsize

For any number of reasons, more people than ever are downsizing these days. Whether it's reduction in income, reduction in family size, or just a desire for easier living, smaller homes are becoming more attractive.

There are challenges associated with downsizing, but experience has taught some valuable lessons that you may find useful. Once you've decided to sell, start the moving process immediately. Your home will even show better once you've begun packing things away. As you decide what to keep, consider donating unwanted items or holding a yard sale.

Solicit family members for help, and see how many belongings might be passed along to family and friends. After all, they say that charity begins at home, right?

You can also "digitize" paper records with a scanner, saving them on your computer, or using an online storage service for an added layer of security. Just be sure electronic versions of certain records are legally acceptable.

If you're still left with a lot of furniture and accessories, you should strongly consider including such items in the listing for your home. First-time buyers may be particularly attracted to such an offering, saving them time and money on furnishing their home, and expediting the entire transaction.

These tips may help you downsize, but of course, any move presents its challenges. Speak with an experienced professional today for more advice.

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